Front Wheel Bearings

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Front wheel bearings are thrust bearings; if installed backwards, the hubs may come loose from the axles. Factory instructions state the sides marked "Thrust" on the outer race must face the bearing spacer. This is the correct for "factory" bearings, but most bearings currently available are not marked. Some manuals mention bearings marked "thrust" on the inner races: bearings so marked must be installed with the "thrust" marking away from the bearing spacer. The illustration above shows the correct orientation of different available bearings. Note the orientation of the thrust ("strong") and non-thrust ("weak") sides of the bearing races.

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MGB front wheel bearings can be set without using the dial indicator recommended in the shop manual. After cleaning (or replacing) the bearing, lightly oil them, thenreassemble the hub and tighten the axle nut securely. Try and spin the rotor; if it drags, more shims are needed. If it spins, take hold of the rotor at top and bottom and push and pull firmly with opposite hands. If it rocks back and forth, there are too many shims. Try various combinations of shims until you can spin the rotor freely but not rock it back and forth at all. Then remove and pack the bearings and do the final assembly. (Molybdenum grease is recommended for high temperature bearings on front, disc-braked hubs.) Always replace hub seals when replacing bearings!

Wheel bearing kit, #125-840, includes bearings, oil seal and grease for one wheel.

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